Below are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1. How far is the Biltmore Estate from the cabins?

Biltmore Estate

  • 11.5 miles from Chalet Quietude (25 min.)
  • 16.5 miles from Charmed Cottage (30 min.)
  • 12.5 miles from Woodlands Chalet (25 min.)
  • 12.5 miles from The Bungalow (25 min.)

2.  How far is the Blue Ridge Parkway from the cabins?

  • 7.5 miles from Chalet Quietude (16 min.)
  • 13.5 miles from Charmed Cottage (24 min.)
  • 8.5 miles from Woodlands Chalet (18 min.)
  • 8.5 miles from The Bungalow (18 min.)

3.  How far is it to downtown Asheville?

  • 12 miles from Chalet Quietude (23 min.)
  • 17 miles from Charmed Cottage (30 min.)
  • 13 miles from Woodland Chalet (25 min.)
  • 13 miles from The Bungalow (25 min.)

4.  How far is it to skiing?

  • Click here for our skiing page for more information
  • Sugar Mountain is about 1.5 hours
  • Beech Mountain is about 2 hours
  • Cataloochee Ski Resort is about 1 hour
  • Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is about 45 minutes
  • Appalachian Ski Mountain is about 1.75 hours
  • Scaly Mountain is about 2 hours
  • Hawksnest Resort is about 1.25 hours

5.  How far is it to grocery stores?

  • There are two grocery stores very near – Ingles and Food Lion.  Our favorite grocery stores Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s & Fresh Market are 1 block, 2 blocks &  2 miles from downtown Asheville, respectively.
  • Gas stations are nearby as well.

6.  Do I need a 4-wheel drive?

  • No – not typically.  During the winter months when snow or icy conditions could hamper or prevent driving up the mountain roads, a 4-wheel drive may be helpful. Depending on the amount of snow or ice, you may not be able to drive. We recommend travel insurance for travel during the months of November through April.

7.  What are your rates?

8.  Do you have wireless internet?

  • Yes – all four cabins have wireless internet so bring your laptop.

9.  Is the cabin quiet, secluded and private?

  • Yes – all cabins are quiet, secluded and private.

10. Do you have a fireplace?

  • Yes – three cabins have a wood burning fireplace/wood stove, The Bungalow as a gas log fireplace. We provide firewood during colder months.

11. What are the amenities?

12.  Do you permit pets?

  • No.  We love dogs, however, we cannot permit them or other types of pets in our cabins.

13.  What do I need to bring?

  • Bath soap
  • Shampoo
  • Flashlight
  • Food and drinks
  • Charcoal and Charcoal Lighter Fluid for outdoor cooking
  • Swim Suits for hot tub if you don’t want to “skinny dip”
  • Anything you need for your activities…i.e. hiking gear, fishing poles, golf clubs, etc.
  • Toilet Paper & Paper Towels (depending on how long you are here – we provide a starter supply)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Starter for winter months to help you get a fire going in fireplace/stove…we provide the firewood
  • I-Pod loaded with your favorite music
  • See Amenities for your cabin (#11) to check on what is supplied

14.  Do you have a hot tub at your cabin?

  • Yes – all four of our properties have a hot tub.  You will be responsible to keep chemicals in them while you are here.  Chemicals and directions are at the cabin.

15.  Where can we hike?

  • Chalet Quietude, The Bungalow and Woodlands Chalet are located on the same mountain.  There is a hiking trail on the mountain and we can discuss that after you arrive.
  • There are many places to hike in the area.  We have two forests listed below which is great because of the waterfalls.  I have also been hiking at the NC Arboretum (can be an easy hike or more strenuous).  Here are a couple of websites where I advertise and they have a lot of information listed for hiking ROMANTICASHEVILLEEXPLOREASHEVILLE & LOCALHIKES   See the Hiking tab at the bottom of this page for more information on hiking the area.

16.  Do you have a newsletter about the Asheville area?  Do you have a form we can fill out to receive special offers from time to time?

  • Yes – we have a sign-up form to the right of this page.

17.  Is the chalet or cottage air conditioned?

  • Yes – all four of our properties have central air conditioning (and heatig) systems.

18.  How far is it to Chimney Rock and/or Lake Lure?

Keep in mind the road to this area is beautiful, winding and mountainous.  This is the reason the driving times are slightly longer in relation to the mileage.

  • from Chalet Quietude – Chimney Rock is 17 miles or 40 minutes
  • from Chalet Quietude – Lake Lure is 21 miles or 49 minutes
  • from Woodlands Chalet – Chimney Rock is 18 miles or 41 minutes
  • from Woodlands Chalet – Lake Lure is 22 miles or 50 minutes
  • from Charmed Cottage – Chimney Rock is 12 miles or 27 minutes
  • from Charmed Cottage – Lake Lure is 16 miles or 36 minutes
  • from The Bungalow – Chimney Rock is 18 miles or 41 minutes
  • from The Bungalow – Lake Lure is 22 miles or 50 minutes

19.  Are there bears on the mountain?

  • Yes.  All four cabins are in the mountains and there are bears.  See our page on Black Bears at this link,

20.  What type of insects do I need to prepare for?

  • I am a mosquito magnet.  However, in Asheville and the mountains, I have NEVER had a problem with them.  I don’t even see them.  WAIT – I have had some mosquito bites lately at Woodlands Chalet.
  • Wasps, hornets, bees, yellow jackets are natural to the forest.  We work hard to keep them under control around the chalets and cottage.  However, it is nature and it is their environment.  Normally they will not bother you unless you aggravate them.
  • Spiders are also natural to the environment.  Again, we work hard to keep them under control, but the possibility exists that they will have a web on the property and you may experience a spider in or around the property.  I have never been bothered by them.

21.  Do we need to bring filtered or bottled water?

  • Each of our properties has the best tasting well water and therefore, no need for bottled drinking water.  However, if the power goes off due to some type of storm, there will be no water because the well pump is electric.  If you have concerns, it might be a good idea to have a gallon of water just in case.  Of course, grocery stores are nearby.

22.  Do you have books, games and or DVDs?

  • Yes, some of our properties have more books, games and DVDs than others.

23.  Do you have a blender, roaster and slow cooker?

  • Yes.  Three of our cabins have a blender, roaster and crock pot slow cooker. At this time The Bungalow does not.

24.  How many pillows are on each bed?

  • If a bed sleeps two, there are four pillows.  If a bed sleeps one, there are two pillows.

25.  What type of laundry facilities do you have?

  • All four properties have full size washer and dryers. We provide laundry detergent

26.  Do you have any other policies we should know about?

Call Brea  828 348 5488 for reservations or email at breaji@gmail.com