General Location

For security and privacy, we do not give out the address of our properties until it is time.  Many of you inquiring would like to know where the property is located in relation to Asheville, Black Mountain or some other venue.

Below, we have marked the approximate location of each property with an icon. Icons are placed in the general area of each property.  They are placed so that you can get an idea of the location in relation to Asheville, etc.

Our properties are not clustered together, but on acreage apart from each other.  Chalet Quietude, Woodlands Chalet & The Bungalow are on the same mountain. Chalet Quietude is one mile from The Woodlands and The Bungalow.

For further perspective,

Chalet Quietude is about 12 miles from downtown Asheville
Woodlands Chalet is about 13 miles from downtown Asheville
Bungalow is about 13 miles from downtown Asheville

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