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NAVITAT’s Blue Ridge Experience features three pairs of dual “racing-style” ziplines, with riders zooming alongside each other against the panoramic backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The zips are long — from 1,100 feet to nearly three-quarters of a mile — and high — up to 350 feet off the ground.

“This tour is all about flying high and flying fast,” said Burt. “It’s an experience that’s just as suited to families and ziplining novices, as it is thrill-seekers.”

The new tour is equipped with a special braking system that automatically reduces the speed of the rider as he approaches the end of the zipline, allowing him to focus exclusively on the experience and the views.

The Blue Ridge Experience is the latest addition at NAVITAT. The original tour, opened in 2010 and now called Moody Cove Adventure, features a tree-based course of 10 ziplines, sky bridges, rappelling and forest hikes. It has been called one of the best zipline canopy tours in the nation by USA TODAY and Outdoor magazine, and a must-do activity in Asheville by the New York Times.

“We think the Blue Ridge Experience is the perfect complement to our original tour,” said Burt. “Where the Moody Cove Adventure puts you up in and among the trees, the new tour is about flying high above the forest, through wide open spaces.”

Reservations are required. Visit www.navitat.com or call 1-855-NAVITAT (855-628-4828) for more details and to book your tour.



Western North Carolina boasts more waterfalls, swimming holes, lakes and streams than you can shake a stick at, and Asheville is a perfect home base to start your exploration of these natural wonders. Whether you're looking for cold, clear mountain streams, challenging rapids or just a serene swimming hole to wade into, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer a plethora of options.

Some of the best swimming holes are in Asheville's backyard, barely hidden from view. If you're lucky, you might stumble onto one after a long hike—feeling like you've walked into a dream—but for everyone else there's is a concise guide to the best swimming holes in the area. Ask and we'll give you all the juicy secrets.


Art that begins in the landscape: Local artists build their palette from nature

For local artist Jacqueline Maloney there are no walls separating her studio from her living space and no doors between her home and the natural world. In her kitchen, bouquets of herbs hang in the windows. Shelf mushrooms are glued to the walls creating a little ladder of fungi. Tall turkey feathers fill the corners, and books upon books about art in nature swallow the coffee table.

“My artistic process is healthiest when it is almost seamlessly folded into my daily life,” Maloney says. “If I’m painting a portrait of a plant, I want to be consuming the plant, conversing with it, noticing it in the woods.”

Maloney’s work is inspired by the cycles and seasons: by medicinal plants that grow wild in the forests; by bugs, birds, water, wind, fire and stone. Many of her pieces are drawn with black walnut ink, a deep-brown hue that weaves through her work. It’s ink that she creates herself, spending the better part of a day tending a fire and boiling the hulls down into a concentrated decoction...read more at Mountain Xpress

Tubing in Asheville

GROUP DISCOUNT FOR CABIN IN ASHEVILLE GUESTS:  Ask about our discounts and how to get them.

Starting from two super-convenient locations, the river routes can’t be beat. They’re the ideal tubing length – 2.5-3 hours, depending on water level and weather conditions – with their Southern route floating you past plenty of islands and places to picnic and swim.  

The Midtown location floats you past some of Asheville’s finest breweries, the vibrant River Arts District and finishes upstream from the Bywater!

You’ll be floating those routes in the cushiest, comfiest tubes to ever ride the river with their built-in back rests, closed bottoms and ability to hook together for groups and families. And finally, one of the greatest perks of tubing with Zen Tubing: coolers are welcome*! That’s right, bring a cooler full of your favorite beverages, and they’ll provide a comfy float for them too.

See GUEST REVIEW BELOW...customer service doesn't get any better than this when you are a CABIN IN ASHEVILLE GUEST.



Guest Review - June 9, 2015

Our weekend at the Woodlands Chalet was wonderful! We had 7 girls get together for a Bachelorette Weekend and it was perfect! We had plenty of room and the kitchen was well stocked with everything we needed! We enjoyed the hot tub and the sheets were AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend the Amazing Pubcycle and the Zen Tubing in Asheville. Zen Tubing also runs a shuttle service and they came all the way to Fairview and picked us up and brought us home! Some of our favorite restaurants were Farm Burger and Tupelo Honey. I would also highly recommend using Asheville Taxi - they were on time and very reasonable - we used them several times throughout the weekend - ran us less than $50 (one way) for a minivan to take us to the downtown area!




Cabin In Asheville vacation rentals offer rates to afford you a wonderful opportunity to escape the hectic pace of your busy life at home.  We are in the mountains away from even Asheville’s hustle-bustle, yet close to many attractions, hundreds of art galleries, fine dining and Asheville’s vibrant downtown.

For more information about our rates, please click here for rates.  Our rates are perfect for travel during the week where we offer discounted rates for Sunday through Thursday.  We offer this to encourage our guests to travel during the week.  Even our Friday and Saturday nights are structured to encourage our guests to stay with Cabin In Asheville.

LAST MINUTE TRAVELERS may want to know that if you are traveling within two weeks, we have a great opportunity for you to save.  Please check out our LAST MINUTE BID page on our website.

Details - Chalet Quietude

Chalet Quietude

(Click to read more)

• Comfortable for 1, yet SLEEPS up to 7

• From $195 to $260 per night

• 1100 Sq. Ft.

• Bedrooms: 3 (1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Bunk bed Twin/Double)

• That's 4 Beds Total

• Bathrooms: 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath

• Close to Downtown: 12 Miles

• Private - 3 acres + another 400 acres adjoining


Details - Charmed Cottage

Charmed Cottage

(Click to read more)

• Comfortable for 1, yet SLEEPS up to 7

• From $220 to $280 per night

• 2200 Sq. Ft.

• Bedrooms & Sleeping Nook: 3 (2 King, 2 Twin, 1 Futon)

• That's 5 Beds Total

• Bathrooms: 2 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath

• Close to Downtown: 17 Miles

• Private - 11 acres


Details - Woodlands Chalet

Woodlands Chalet

(Click to read more)

• Comfortable for 1, yet SLEEPS up to 8

• From $195 to $270 per night

• 1800 Sq. Ft.

• Bedrooms: 3 (2 King, 2 Twin, Twin Day Bed & Twin Trundle)

• That's 6 Beds Total

• Bathrooms: 2 Full Bath

• Close to Downtown: 13 Miles

• Private - 2 acres